Travel Q&A with Amanda Lindsay!

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Travel Q&A with Amanda Lindsay!

What was your favourite destination out of the places you have travelled?

I've had a lot of great trips, but my favorite destination so far would likely be Costa Rica.

Why was this your favourite destination?

Costa Rica is different from the Caribbean we're so used to in that it has so much to see and do within one country with such variety! On the Atlantic side of the country you can visit the rainforest, with resorts isolated in the jungle only accessible by boat and even view turtles hatching on the beach! Through the middle are volcanoes, hot springs, farms, jungles, and rivers. And the Pacific side is drier and hotter with many beaches, they have all inclusive resorts, surfing towns, and yoga retreats. Whether you want a luxury stay or an environmental lodge, it's there. And the food - fresh fruit everywhere, and delicious coffee and chocolate!

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Not sure if it's my favorite part, but it was the most memorable! One evening my husband and I decided to take a hike ourselves from our rainforest lodge. Assuming it was a straightforward path to the cascades we never asked for directions or information. After a long hike admiring nature and wildlife we eventually got to the cascades at dusk only to see the path continue in the opposite direction from the lodge. Not knowing where that went we decided to turn back from the way we came, only by then it was dark... and raining... and the howler monkeys got much louder! Eventually we made it, and were told we were lucky we didn't see any large wildcats! And if that wasn't enough the next morning a large boa constrictor slithered into the lobby.....

What was the best attraction/place visited while on the trip?

The most amazing area was Monteverde. It was quite a drive up the mountain, but the view from our resort was astounding. We viewed the sunset from above the clouds! Also during ziplining we saw a complete circular rainbow, I never knew that was even possible! We hiked the cloud forest and were lucky to see the rare resplendent quetzal bird along with other wildlife. The elevation is so high they often get a horizontal rain mist! Just everywhere you looked was breathtaking.

Why do you believe clients should visit this destination?

Not only does it offer something for everyone (active or relaxing) the people were so passionate about their country and welcoming, it is somewhere we talk about returning to all the time!