Travel Q&A with Lynn!

Travel Q&A with Lynn!

What was your favourite destination out of the places you have travelled?

Well there are so many places that I have truly loved but I will stick with the first one that comes to mind, Greece. I’ve had the opportunity to travel there 3 times and I’ve always said once I retire, I’m going for 3 months and just see more of the less visited islands.

Why was this your favourite destination?

It was the first place that ever brought me to tears because it was just so beautiful and perfect. We (my husband and I) were eating supper in a little restaurant, the table we had was by this big open window that faced the sea. The food was amazing and I had a little cat at my feet begging for food, it was just perfect! Then this old man at the bar started dancing Zorba the Greek all by himself, everyone was clapping and cheering, I broke down and cried! My husband and the waiter thought something was really wrong but it was just all really perfect.

What was the best attraction/place visited while on the trip?

It’s really hard to just pick one, the islands of Greece have all the beautiful beaches and lovely weather. I would have to say seeing the Acropolis was amazing! We hired a private guide for a city tour of Athens, he had all kinds of stories and it was wonderful not to have to wait for a big group of people.

Why do you believe clients should visit this destination?

History, scenery, beaches, food, CATS! All of it!!