Travel Q&A with Paulette!

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Travel Q&A with Paulette!

What was your favourite destination out of the places you have travelled?

There are lots of favourites because there is something to love in every place I’ve visited! But I would have to say that Switzerland really stands out for me.

Why was this your favourite destination?

Switzerland has so much to offer – beautiful landscapes, and the scenery is so different from what we have here at home.Fresh air, wide open spaces, and tons of activity in the area we stayed – in the town of Lauterbrunnen in the Alps.We loved it especially because we felt so at home – the people somehow seemed so Canadian! The waterfalls and cable cars to the tops of enormous mountains offered spectacular views and lots to see and do for a very active vacation.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Probably the hiking. It was very challenging but worth the views. My husband thinks that the more challenging the better so unlike most travellers who take the train to the top of the mountain and hike down, we hiked UP and sometimes down or took the train down. It was worth it to justify the wonderful meals we had each night, and at least I can say I survived!

What was the best attraction/place visited while on the trip?

There are so many charming villages and vistas in this area that it would be hard to pick just one.Much of our time was spent hiking or biking mountain trails, and all were beautiful.What made it all so unique though was the sound – everywhere in the mountains is the jingle of cowbells.On the most remote and seemingly inaccessible areas you could always hear them.The cattle roam essentially free for long periods of time and this is how the farmers find them.It was like constant music in the alps.We would rarely see them but could hear them always, I loved that.

Why do you believe clients should visit this destination?

Switzerland is safe, super clean, welcoming, and is a great destination in any season.It’s very easy to get around, with an extremely well run train system and safe roads for driving.We went in early fall but can only imagine how beautiful it would be in spring and summer as well.And of course their mountains offer legendary ski hills, so it’s an amazing winter destination as well.There was lots of choice for places to stay, and the food was delicious!The Swiss are known for cheese and chocolate – what’s not to love!