Dave Bayerle

Travel Expert
Dave Bayerle

Dave's passion for travel ignited while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and living in Germany with his family.

Dave is a graduate of the Travel & Hospitality program at Oulton College and joined The Travel Store in 2021.

To say that Dave is well traveled is an understatement! He has visited many locations such as: Italy, Greece (Crete), Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. While serving Canada, Dave deployed to Afghanistan, Senegal, Kuwait, the Artic including CFS Alert and Puvurnituq, Diego Garcia, Jamaica, Guam, Belize and Cyprus.

Dave's wealth of experience makes him a great go-to for help in planning your trip to locations all over the world. Dave looks forward to helping you plan your next travel adventure!