Paulette Soloman

President and Owner
Paulette Soloman

Paulette became the owner of The Travel Store in November 2019; as the new person on site every day she’s been amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise the agents at The Travel Store offer. She is an avid traveler who booked many trips through the business and is definitely excited about travel being part of the job.

Travel has always been a top priority for Paulette, and she feels that the opportunity with The Travel Store is meant to be! She’s been to Mexico, Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Iceland, Austria, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Switzerland, as well as to amazing places in Canada and the US…and is always looking for the next great travel experience. She’s happy to share details of where she’s been, and to share her favourite places from her travels. She and her husband Randy MacKinnon brought their kids on many of these trips; now grown, their children feel these were the best learning experiences of their lives.

Paulette feels lucky to have grown up in Souris; she went on to graduate from UPEI, Dalhousie, and George Washington University, where she did a master’s degree in Tourism.

Her background in tourism, major events, and as an entrepreneur and educator have woken Paulette’s curiosity about people, places, cultural experiences and how travel can broaden understanding of one another. She also feels that active vacations and taking the time to explore off the beaten path locales are wonderful ways to get the most out of our travels.

She would love to talk to you about your dream destinations and how we can help plan your perfect getaway!