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We are Travel Store advisors and we love to travel. Chances are, if you have questions about any destination in the world, we've been there and have all kinds of tips, advice, and access to information and services you need to get there.

Get to Know The Travel Store Team

Sheri Atkinson

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

We pride ourselves that our head office is on PEI and we are here for our neighbours and fellow Islanders to work with them to see all their travel dreams and needs to fruition.

Always know where you passport is, when it is expiring, and keep it up to date. You never want to be caught without your passport when your dream trip is ready for you.

I have never met a destination that I didn't love! As far as all-inclusive destination, I would have to say that Jamaica pulls a little more on my heartstrings. From the music, the food, fabulous beaches, culture, people, adventure experiences and let's not forget those gorgeous new and amazing properties Jamaica has it all for couples, friends and families!

Groups, groups, and more groups! From destination weddings, graduation celebrations, friends gathering together, incentive groups, I love all groups!

Those special once in a lifetime trips; like a beautiful destination wedding, that first family trip with excited children on their first plane ride, the young adults branching out on their own sending them in to the world to explore. Seeing a first is very special.

I love helping and working with people to create memories and experiences they will never forget.

Christine Garnhum

Corporate Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

Florida, the Caribbean, and have cruised a few times; future plans are to explore some of Europe!

Building relationships with clients over time getting to know their travel preferences, and quickly learning their needs.

Danny MacGuigan

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

Take your time, go direct if possible. If not always go with the longer connection.

For South options, Cancun/Mayan due to the amount of options and rates for families. River cruises would be next, mainly due to customer satisfaction.

I like to think after so many years I am comfortable with pretty much anywhere.

Cruises to Antarctica. Trans-Siberian rail trip from Moscow to Vladivostok (hopefully that will again be an option someday).

Olena Poltoratska

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

We are the best team, and we complement each other well.

To respect the traditions and values of the country where you are going.

My top destinations are Maldives, Greece, Montenegro,Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan.

I have travelled a lot as a travel advisor, participating in more than 80 familiarization trips around the world. I understand what to offer clients and what to advise them on because my knowledge is from my own experience.

I think of these trips based on the most interesting itineraries and those which brought a lot of changes to the client's life. The most memorable was a month-long trip with sophisticated demands for accommodations and a big excursion program in every place, starting in Vienna ( Austria), visiting San Francisco, Las Vegas, French Polynesia, Singapore, and Bali.

To see happiness in the eyes of our travellers and hear how their trip inspired them.

Sonaz Jalali

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

We have reliable sources of information on must-see places and ones to avoid and based on that, we can assist our customers.

Always make copies of important documents and keep them with yourself.

Prague, Czech Republic. There are lots of things to do in the capital, but in my opinion, Prague just has so many things to offer, it is impossible to ever get bored in this city.

An all-inclusive trip to Dominican Republic for a wedding anniversary.

Having customers come back from their trips with a big smile on their face and positive reviews about a destination.

Sharon Larter

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

Use a travel agent and get insurance for your trip.

Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Meeting people and helping to make their dreams a reality.

Cicely Bethell

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

Personalized service tailored to your needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure every aspect of your trip is carefully curated to exceed your expectations.

Invest in travel insurance.

Orlando for family trips and Las Vegas for couple getaways. Orlando offers fantastic family-friendly attractions, while Las Vegas boasts endless entertainment options and lots of things to do as a couple.

I specialize in all-inclusive vacations to southern destinations and the United States. I provide expert advice and personalized service for unforgettable travel experiences.

A long stay in Spain where the client got to explore off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the local culture, and a trip to Costa Rica that had many moving parts so it was great to see it come together.

It's fulfilling to know that I've contributed to creating lifelong memories and meaningful experiences for my clients.

Teresa Gogan

Travel Advisor

Located in Amherst, NS

Cruising, because I love everything about being on a floating hotel. Unpacking once and seeing multiple destinations. The food, the entertainment and the staff.

River cruises, African safaris, family reunions and graduating high school students groups. Making memories they won't forget to keep!

Linda Furze

Travel Advisor

Located in Halifax, NS

The Travel Store has a variety of expertise. Each agent brings knowledge and we are a great team, always willing to help each other.

Save a photo album on your phone in photos, and have a print shot of your passport, drivers license, Health card, immunizations, etc.

Africa. I recently went on a safari for 14 nights in Tanzania, then 5 nights at a resort on Mnemba Island off the coast of Zanzibar.

I recently booked an elopement in Santorini with GoWay travel. The clients had an amazing time.

Taking care of my clients. It means so much for my clients to enjoy their vacation as I respect the money they are spending and their vacation time.

Dale Turcotte

Travel Advisor

Located in Moncton, NB

Excellent service by all advisors in the company. Very knowledgeable and well-travelled.

Always do a bit of research on your own to supplement what we discuss about a destination.

Helping customers have trips of a lifetime.

Jennifer Gould

Travel Advisor

Located in Amherst, NS

A passion for customer service and desire to explore. Although new in this industry, I'm your person to plan an A to Z dream trip.

Planning the details for clients, and hearing all about their experiences when I send them on vacation.

Jennifer Moss

Travel Advisor

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

We work diligently to continually upgrade our knowledge. I have achieved my Certified Travel Consultant designation with the highest marks in Canada.

Britain, Iceland, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and has cruised the Western Caribbean, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Moselle and Rhine rivers.

Lani McCormack

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Friendly and knowledgeable staff excited to find the best destinations for you. Travel agents love to travel so they can recommend places to go, plus what to see and do there.

Slow down and enjoy your trip. Takes lots of pictures, keep an open mind, have an extra copy of your passport, have good footwear, and most importantly have fun!

New York City! There is just so much to see and do there. Lots of great restaurants, so manys to see, shopping, and just walking around and looking at everything.

Planning a trip with your client and waiting to hear all about it when they come back.

Amy Bulnes

RN, Travel Clinic

Located in Charlottetown, PEI

I work in the Travel Clinic giving immunizations and providing travel consultations. People should use our service to make sure they have the most up-to-date and accurate travel information so their trip is safe, healthy and fun.

Book early so you have lots of time to make sure you are protected before it's time to go.

European destinations and anywhere warm.

Paulette Soloman

President & Owner

We are committed to getting to know you; to use our knowledge and connections to find you the perfect vacation that will bring relaxation and happy memories.

Get to know what a travel advisor can do for you. You might be surprised at what we can plan or offer.

Switzerland. It offers active adventure, fresh air, diverse landscapes so different from home, amazing food, wonderful history, friendly people, and is so organized and efficient.

Recently, a family trip to Costa Rica went over well with lots of adventure for an active family, but plenty of relax time as well. Canyoning, jungle hikes, surf lessons...there was never a dull moment.

A Christmas Markets River Cruise on the Rhine is another one that stands out. We added a week of hiking and touring pre-cruise in Switzerland, which made for a nice balance of activity and luxurious relaxation.

Hearing from clients who tell us about their trips!